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Join us over drinks as we discuss everything from the latest news to life’s peculiarities. Where the humor is off color and nothing’s taboo, we’re sure you’re in for a good laugh. Cheers!, Reloaded504.com, CALL IN!! (504)457-8011, email: Reloaded504@yahoo.com, New Orleans # 1 Podcast, New Orleans best podcast


January 13, 2022

Ducking a DUI (full version)

Neuroses, getting P-Diddy'd, crooked cops, arrested at Mardi Gras, corporate bar tabs, ducking a DUI, Texas and Illinois, cross eyed birds, sporks, Tekashi 69 or Jussie Smollet, office romance or sex fling, getting pissed on, employment opportunities for midgets, generating war, 6 degrees of vaginal separation, karma, men vs women survey, substitutions for the N word... Reloaded504.com, Reloaded504 YouTube, CALL IN!! (504)457-8011, email: Reloaded504@yahoo.com, New Orleans # 1 Podcast, New Orleans best podcast

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January 3, 2022

Your Genitals Fell Off

Burger King prostitutes, your genitals fell off, Lorena Bobbitt, Reloaded504 Internship, crawfish, The Wheel of Shit, arrested in Fat City, acting suspicious, nanograms of weed, phthalates and testosterone, skinny jeans vs bell bottoms, shoplifting porno mags in JNCOs, turkey pussy, DMV hacks, wine laced with cyanide, slangin candy... Reloaded504.com, Reloaded504 YouTube, CALL IN!! (504)457-8011, email: Reloaded504@yahoo.com, New Orleans # 1 Podcast, New Orleans best podcast

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December 24, 2021

Pissing In Your Car

A call from Eazy E, pissing in your car, huge labia, bathroom innovations, nervous Braille readers, hammers to elbows, parental weed theft, bad influencers, senior citizen detectives, testosterone injections, Dan Bilzarian, Beastie Boys book Pizza... Reloaded504 YouTube, CALL IN!! (504)457-8011, email: Reloaded504@yahoo.com

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December 14, 2021

R504 NFT

Stop Being Such a Vagina, Debit, Trigger Words, Service Animal, Presently, Todd’s Sandal Phase, Female Burning, Tie Dye Phase, Acid Wash, Theft For Clout, Mom’s Drug Bust, Micro Machine Shoplift, Toilet Camera, TikTok Ban, R504 NFT, No Facebook Just Meta, A Gifted Horse, I Would Bet Dollars To Donuts, Goose And Gander, Emotional Sex, Ball Jiggling, Frank Zappa Lookalike, Our Influencers, Cows Again, Reloaded504 Hiatus

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December 4, 2021

Fake IDs

Brother From Another Mother, Covid Got Weird, Flat Earthers, Voyage Plot, Ayahuasca, Semantic Fuckery, Words With Friends SCAM, Graveyard Mystery Fluid, Corporate Conspiracies, Running Out Of Conditioner, Smash Bougie Toiletry Chick, Cereal Bowl Dimensions, Flight Spectacle, Shots For Everybody, Making Fake IDs, Young Punks

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November 24, 2021

Zunga Zeng

Todd’s for sale, Gary Vee, NFT, Metaverse, Theo Von, Joe Rogan, David Lee Roth, Pig tattoo, Jack Harlow, Don Papa Rum, Lil Wayne, Bumbu Rum, Fleshlight, Cayenne Gummies, Elon Musk, China, Monks, TEXT 504-457-8011, Streaming Freeloaders, Porn Addiction, Revenge Sex, Use Your Imagination, Yellowman – Zunga Zeng, Goat Soup, Toilet Seat, Say Thank You, Don’t Steal, Belly Button Nerves, TikTok Shit List, Instagram Shadow Ban. New Orleans’ #1 Podcast Reloaded504 504-457-8011, Reloaded5504.com

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November 14, 2021


Covid in Person, Scissoring Women, Vaginal Experimentation, Snooze Amnesia, Sexual Orientation Hiring, Infant Reality Check, Pimple Popper Mechanism, Do Drugs and Get It, Neighbor Animal Killer, Psychotic Sesame Street, Reloaded504 Health Advice, Cleaning Out Your Closet,  God’s on the Loose, Healthy Alcohol

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November 4, 2021

Porn Smellevision

Dog Meds, Todd’s Deep Sark Secrets, Sucking His Own Dick w Franklin @fork_in_socket_podcast, Faked the Whole Thing, Nostril Pimple, Pink Eye, Thuggish Altar Boy, Todd’s Fake Fresh Ink, Geriatric Tattoo, Doing Drugs with Cops, Pencil in the Ceiling, Pen Tube Trick, Safety Pin Dart, Spanish Class Teacher Love, Dollar Bill Fishing, Crushing Teacher Dreams, Porn Smellevision, Three Times Dave Freaked Out Todd, Broken Dick, Sprained Testicle, Bullshit Porn, Buttholes Are Inefficient… Reloaded504 #1 Podcast, Reloaded504.com, Reloaded504@yahoo.com, Reloaded504 504-457-8011

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October 25, 2021

Shit From In My Couch

Platonic Todd, Technical Difficulties, (Shout outs) Pabna, Forest City, Prineville, London, Reloaded504 Tumblr, Free Shwag 504-457-8011, A Bone to Pick, Dave’s Heaven, Tampon Instructions Read by Guys, Shit From in My Couch, Pre Podcast Ritual, Rental Car Woes, Ford Truck Commercials.... Reloaded504 #1 Podcast, Reloaded504.com, Reloaded504@yahoo.com, Reloaded504 504-457-8011

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October 13, 2021

Greatest Hits

Dick Skin, Dave’s Bad Trip, Gangster Granny, Mugger Key Chain, Todd’s Cripple Beef, Psychotic Sesame Street, Mexican Jumping Beans, Tribadism, Hermaphroditic Rats, Sex Change Procedure, Shady Friends, Fat Girl Emoji, Supersoak the Homeless, State Trooper Bust, First Sexual Experience, Hustler Summer Camp, Hovered State of Immersion, Vagina Smelly Sticker, UNISEF Commercials, Life of Crime, Our Voicemail 504-457-8011, Signing Out… Reloaded504 Podcast New Orleans’ #1 Podcast 504-457-8011, reloaded504@yahoo.com

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