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Join us over drinks as we discuss everything from the latest news to life’s peculiarities. Where the humor is off color and nothing’s taboo, we’re sure you’re in for a good laugh. Cheers!, Reloaded504.com, CALL IN!! (504)457-8011, email: Reloaded504@yahoo.com, New Orleans # 1 Podcast, New Orleans best podcast


October 13, 2021

Greatest Hits

Dick Skin, Dave’s Bad Trip, Gangster Granny, Mugger Key Chain, Todd’s Cripple Beef, Psychotic Sesame Street, Mexican Jumping Beans, Tribadism, Hermaphroditic Rats, Sex Change Procedure, Shady Friends, Fat Girl Emoji, Supersoak the Homeless, State Trooper Bust, First Sexual Experience, Hustler Summer Camp, Hovered State of Immersion, Vagina Smelly Sticker, UNISEF Commercials, Life of Crime, Our Voicemail 504-457-8011, Signing Out… Reloaded504 Podcast New Orleans’ #1 Podcast 504-457-8011, reloaded504@yahoo.com

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October 3, 2021

Ohh Ida!

Tampon Bullet Wound, PSA Russians, Death Penalty, THE SWISHER, Dollar Store Incident, The Taint Flap, Sleep Number Guy, Ditching a Cab, Fecal Fast Food, Drinking to Death, Deconstructing Gary Vaynerchuk, Dog Shit on the Lawn, Todd’s Stalker, Cats are Pricks, That Ass Cap

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September 23, 2021

Boiling Frog

We’re Drunk and High AF, Top Three Facts About Snot, Sneezing In 2021, P. Americana Roaches, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cheers Tony Bennet and Miley, Todd’s Roach Killing, RAID, Air Fryer vs Convection Oven, Butt Wiping, Bidet, Pizza Toppings, WTF is Nougat, WTF is Granola, D’Angelo Album Cover Rumor, Cheese Puffs, Lotion Bath, Boiling Frog

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September 13, 2021

Nipple Abuse

Howler Head Bourbon, 5 Gallon Sunset Blush, Sweet Baby Jesus, Shin Flaws, Nipple Abuse, Drunk Math, Stop a Yawn, Ingrown Hairs, Devil’s Advocate, Struck by a Meteorite, Odds Like That, Hairy Ears, Porn Make Over, Drinking Buddy App, Who’s Got Next Round of Shots, Bank Robbery Plan, Amish and Quakers

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September 3, 2021

Chinese Food Carton

Todd’s handler, Shout out Sierra Leon, Bhutan, Uganda, Howler Head Bourbon, Copperfit Socks, B.O. and pheromones, Dave’s toe socks, Top Three Facts You Didn’t Know You Needed to Know, 8 minute poop, Chinese Food Carton, Rainbow Shit, No principles, Paqui Chips One Chip Challenge, Cry Time Tonic, Checking In, Tikashi 69, Mucosa, Church Gigolo, Smarmy, Lawsuit Shopper App, Road Rage, Sequined Hard Body

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August 24, 2021

Sex, Semen, and Power

Todd’s Half Step, Do What Dave Says, Sex In The Bushes, Remote Control DUI, Bone Thugs, Booze Tampons, Trick or Treat Phrase, Dead People Business, Sex Semen Power, Coulrophelia, Female Clowns, Narcan Foam, Feces Bombs, Tree Hatin, Not Gun Safety, The Greatest Shot, Todd’s Skeet, Walmart Shopping Spree, John Travolta Fruit Fly

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August 14, 2021

Internet Dependency

Todd’s Only Fans, Our Podcaster Followers, Company Slogans, McDonald’s Story, Breathalyzer Competition, Investment Backlog, Business Minded, Nike, Tesla, McDonalds, Amazon, Dave’s Popeyes, Spicy Chicken Sandwich Bullshit, Ford vs Chevy, TSA Kiosk, Internet Dependency, Robot Breakage, VCRs, DVDs, Magazines, Fantasy Masturbation, Your Rotting Brain

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August 4, 2021

Monkey Brains

Malaysia and Guyana winners, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho losers, Quakers, Age Restriction, Teenage Daughter, Youtube Violation, Top Three Horrible Possible Scenarios, Fuck in Westerns, Coon Ass Buoy, The First Mother Fucker, Reloaded504 Callers, Anal Sex Hygiene, Holy Shit, Monkey Brains

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July 25, 2021


Take This Shot, Calling Dibs, Not It, Jinx, Duck-Duck-Goose, Stamp Out, T.Y.B.Y.S., Vatican Technology, Gun Buying, S.P.A.M., Owning a Robe, Electroshock Therapy, Max Richter, How to Say Mother Fucker, Jewish Curse Words

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July 15, 2021

Ejaculate Kids

Lil Wayne, Bumbu Rum, Old Young Cool Person, Dive Bar, Purple Cow, Being Remarkable, What Is Old, Todd is a Seal, Friend Contract, How to Undo a Bra, bxny163, Ejaculate Kids, Merk, Tingly Rubber Corp, Visiting Angels, Hospice, Win Friends Influence People … Reloaded504.com, 504-457-8011, New Orleans #1 Podcast

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